Baron Henry de Triqueti (Conflans-sur-Loing 1804 – 1874 Paris)
– attributed –

A Pair of neoclassical Bozzetti of sanctuary lamps –
so called „Lampes de sanctuaire“

Patinated terracotta, plaster brown glazed, each 58 cm diameter

Seated figures modeled in full round. Relief decor, partly modeled in full round. Later wrought iron suspensions set in canopy. The lamps can be dated around 1834 – 1840, considering their style and subject. Neoclassical features are most of all visible in the roundels with the heads and the severe forms of the decoration, similar forms are also visible on the Aiguiere de l’Espere, de la Patience, de la Paix made in 1838 (Museum Girodet, Montargis) and a pair of chandeliers from 1839 (private collection). The seated female figure is very close the one on the Aiguière des mères Israelites (preparatory bronze in the Museum Girodet, Montargis).

As the lamps are very decorative, they could be destined for a church. It is more likely that a noble family ordered them for their private chapel or that Triqueti made them and just sold them, as he did more often.

On the lower side of each piece there is a coat of arms, they seem connected to the Lombardo-Venetian monarchy. Otherwise several noble families could be the possible commanditaire of these works, as Triqueti was often asked to create works destined for churches and chapels: he worked for the cathedral of Troyes and noble families as the Hompesh family, the Salomon-Louis, Baron de Roger family or even the Demidoff family could be the former owners of the pieces. Demidoff cannot have ordered them though.

It is possible that the founders Gonon (for founding in cire perdu techniques) or Richard, Eck and Durand (for founding in sand) have founded the bronze versions of these lamps and that their catalogues can tell more about the possible owner or the person who had them made.

Rel. Literature:
Isabelle Leroy-Jay Lemaistre, Hazan 2007, Henry de Triqueti 1803 – 1874: Le sculpteur des princes, p. 30 fig.

Relatable Works in Museums:
Beaux Arts/Orléans, Girodet/Montargie