Fine lacquered chest of drawers with Vernis Martin

Paris around 1750 – 1760, Louis XV period

Curved legs standing in chased bronze sabots, the structure framed by bronze bands.
Structure in oak with surrounding black lacquer fund. Two-part sans travers body.
Cast and chased Rococo handles and key tags. Decorate the frame with ornamental fittings.
The sides widening towards the rear and the front are fitted with cartridges across the drawers,
these with Chinese-style landscape decor in gold lacquer and frontal figurative staffage with fine
Prunus trees and Chinese-style architecture. The partly plastic gold lacquer is often heightened with white.
Overhanging, profiled marble cover plate in brown and white veined marble following the features of the furniture.

Dimensions: Height: 79.5cm. Width: 81cm. Depth: 42.5cm.