Artist: Master surrounding Adam Kraft (Nuremberg 1460 – 1509)

Date: Nuremberg around 1480

Material: Linden wood coloured

Measurement: 90 cm (high), 60 cm (wide)

The mother Mary, sitting on a throne bench, rocking the body of Christ on her knees, presents the viewer with the stigmata of his right hand. She is sunk in deep mourning over the early loss of her son.
This type of Pietà was created for private devotion, which explains the sculpture’s well-pondered, compact form. The enveloping, opulently worked and sweeping robe of Mary contrasts with the expressively depicted body of Christ.

Provenance: 1974 acquired from the Baum company, Würzburg, since then Dr. Müller collection, Cologne

Cf. works in museums: A comparable Pietà made of limestone is in the Cloisters Collection of the Metropolitan Museum, New York/USA.